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Everyone has their strengths. Some people are phenomenal cooks, other people are expert hacky sack players. You have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you a successful business owner. How else would you have found us?
Our strength is law. Business law, to be precise. It is more of a super-power than a strength if we are going to be completely candid with you. Since 2011, the firm’s founder, Ashly Guernaccini has provided top-notch legal advice on all types of business transactions. She is so good, she wears a cape. Not in public, though.
We are in the business of legal. You are in the business of business. From one professional to another, let our firm use our strengths so that you can focus on using yours.

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Legal Services in Pinellas County

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Business Law Consultations

Are you starting or streamlining a business? I provide a flat-fee consultation geared toward getting you where you want to go. This consultation typically takes between one to two hours and covers topics such as business entity formation, record keeping, needed structural agreements, and business legal advice. It may be booked in-person, by telephone or video conference per your preference.

Transactional Matters

Do you need written contracts to protect your interests? Are you in process of a merger or an acquisition? Do you need assistance upholding your trademark or intellectual property rights? I’ll work to ensure your best interests are preserved in negotiations through the final stages of important business transactions.

Dispute Resolution

I provide representation and assistance with all types and stages of claims and disputes. I’ll advocate for your rights in contract negotiations, settlement discussions, mediations, arbitrations or litigation.

Corporate Clean-Ups

Did you set up your business with little or no organized documentation, have you neglected the required paperwork and filings, or are you uncertain if all is up to par with your record keeping? I’ll work with you to fill in any gaps and ensure that your business is safeguarded from administrative errors.

Regulatory Compliance

Are you uncertain if your business is fully compliant with the rules, laws and regulations in your industry? I’ll meet with you, go over your policies and procedures and protect you from the risk associated with missing compliance programs, unseen risks or lack of regulatory oversight.

Labor Law

Do you have an employee handbook? When was the last time it was updated or reviewed? I’ll make sure that your handbook and other polices are current with federal and state law and written to be easily understood by employees and management. I’ll help your human resources department through each stage of the employment relationship, counseling them on labor law requirements and employer best practices.

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Business Law Services you Need

No one wants cookie-cutter services, especially when it’s their business on the line. As a passionate member of the Pinellas County community, I’m committed to helping small businesses as well as individuals with all their legal needs.

client satisfaction

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Ashly on litigation matters over the last couple of years. Despite having a full load as the lead in-house attorney, Ashly was always quick to respond and thorough in her answers. She is one of those indispensable brain trusts with a wealth of information for her company, combined with a breadth of legal knowledge that enables her to identify relevant information. Ashly is also incredibly personable and flexible, and it has always been easy to discuss anything with her directly. The combination of her knowledge and personality made her the perfect client representative, either in court or in alternative dispute resolutions before a decision maker."



"I had the distinct honor to work as Ms. Guernaccini’s colleague from July 2012 until August of 2016. During that time I came to recognize Ms. Guernaccini’s professional judgment, perceptive analytical ability, and strong personal character.

Ms. Guernaccini constantly impressed me with her self-confidence and poise, her ability to work with and motivate others, as well as her leadership and professional conduct. She stood out as a vibrant and dynamic leader who effectively communicated among the many divisions and locations of the organization to proficiently execute projects and affect change. Her reliability and diligence have earned her well-deserved recognition as a valued and respected executive among the company as well as the leaders and communities with which she interacts."



"I have known and worked with Ms. Guernaccini for over six years (since 2012) in her capacity as Director of Legal Affairs for Halcyon Horizons and Legal Affairs Supervisor for Elevate Addiction Services, as my law firm has provided legal services to Halcyon and Elevate on a variety of legal issues. These Issues were identified by and directed to our firm by Ms. Guernaccini. These issues include, but are no means limited to, corporate organizational and operational issues, HR issues, client matters, and third party liability issues.

Her skill set aside, I have found her to be painstakingly ethical, personally accountable and of high moral character. Upon a recent visit to one of the Elevate campuses, I was taken by the level of respect and appreciation afforded to her by clients, peers and supervisors alike."