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Business law isn't simple, but it's vital to the success of every business. atCAUSE Law Office was founded by Ashly Mae Guernaccini to help small business owners and individuals navigate the complex workings of business law at an affordable price.

Meet the atCAUSE Law Team

Ashly Mae Guernaccini

Founding Attorney


Ashly Guernaccini founded atCAUSE Law Office because she knows good legal representation is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Her practice is focused on business law, specifically contract law, business transactions, dispute resolution, business formation, and labor law.

Ashly received her B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and went on to receive her Doctor of Law Degree from Duquesne University School of Law. She spent over ten years as in-house counsel for large, nonprofit healthcare providers, managing their legal departments and overseeing regulatory compliance, trademark protection, labor and employment law administration,contract management, and many more legal and business functions.

While Ashly is already a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, she joined the Florida Bar in 2020 to start helping small business owners in Pinellas County with all of their legal needs.

Ashly can explain complex legal matters in a way that those who know nothing of the law can understand. She's very efficient and great at time management, which saves clients money on legal fees. Ashly takes pride in really getting to know the people and businesses she services, and firmly believes that building a strong relationship is the foundation from which the magic happens. atCAUSE Law Office is here to make Florida business law affordable and easy to understand.

Bar Admissions: Florida (2020), Pennsylvania (2001)

Talia Harari

President of Business Development


Talia is a New York licensed attorney who loves helping business owners thrive. She received her B.A. from Ithaca College and earned her Doctor of Law degree from Penn State's Dickinson School of Law. Talia previously managed her own successful practice for seven years, where she advised high-profile domestic and international corporate clients on a wide variety of transactional matters.

Talia met Ashly in Florida (over a great cup of coffee) and realized they both got into the legal profession for the same reason: to help people. It was refreshing for Talia to meet someone else who shared the same purpose and viewpoint.

Bar Admissions: New York (2011)

John Waterman

Law Firm Consultant


John Waterman is a consultant for atCAUSE Law Office. He provides research and assistance to atCAUSE on a variety of business-related matters. John has over ten years of experience working with sole proprietorships, small businesses, large corporations, nonprofits and federal agencies. His expertise spans several industry sectors including health care, energy, aviation, information technology, and law.

John received his B.A. from Bucknell University and his J.D. from the University of Richmond School of Law. He also completed his M.B.A at American University Kogod School of Business and his L.L.M. with specialization in International Business Law at American University Washington College of Law.

Joe Guernaccini

Chief Marketing Officer


Joe Guernaccini has over eight years of management and quality control experience, plus eight years in a successful sales career.

With a passion for going above and beyond what's expected, Joe works with atCAUSE Law Office to develop brand and marketing strategy. He makes sure atCAUSE Law's message reaches business owners throughout Pinellas County so they know who they can turn to when they need help with business law.

What Does atCAUSE Mean?

When someone doesn't have a good grasp of the law they can become negatively affected by it quite easily.

For example, let's say Mr. Smith comes-up with an amazing idea, starts a business, and it booms. He hires a bunch of employees and has them all sign the exact same non-disclosure agreement despite their different positions within the company. Not being an attorney, Mr. Smith didn’t understand that this could cause a problem and weaken the enforceability of the non-disclosure.

If employee X stops working for Mr. Smith, and if Mr. Smith can’t enforce his template non-disclosure agreement, then he’ll run the risk of his amazing idea getting out to his competitors.

What Mr. Smith should have done was have certain employees who are in a position of receiving confidential information sign a carefully drafted non-disclosure agreement that is limited in time and scope and offers adequate protection to Mr. Smith’s important business activities. This way, if Employee X does breach the agreement, Mr. Smith can actually enforce its terms.

Most business owners aren’t attorneys and because the law is sometimes confusing and obscure, it is easy to overlook things like this.

Let’s face it, you are either causing your destiny or dealing with the results that ensue from not causing it. Business owners need to be able to maintain control over their business and employees, and atCAUSE Law Office wants to help them get there and stay there.

Our purpose is to make you “at cause” over your legal situations, empowering you to run your business the right way, without worrying about legal issues.

Business Attorneys Serving Pinellas County, FL

Our business attorneys in Pinellas County are here for all your business needs. Whether you need a general consultation, a business formation attorney, or help drafting business contracts, atCAUSE Law is here to help. atCAUSE Law Office provides business law services to all of Pinellas County, Florida, including:

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client satisfaction

our primary goal

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ashly on litigation matters over the last couple of years. Despite having a full load as the lead in-house attorney, Ashly was always quick to respond and thorough in her answers. She is one of those indispensable brain trusts with a wealth of information for her company, combined with a breadth of legal knowledge that enables her to identify relevant information. Ashly is also incredibly personable and flexible, and it has always been easy to discuss anything with her directly. The combination of her knowledge and personality made her the perfect client representative, either in court or in alternative dispute resolutions before a decision maker."



"I had the distinct honor to work as Ms. Guernaccini’s colleague from July 2012 until August of 2016. During that time I came to recognize Ms. Guernaccini’s professional judgment, perceptive analytical ability, and strong personal character.

Ms. Guernaccini constantly impressed me with her self-confidence and poise, her ability to work with and motivate others, as well as her leadership and professional conduct. She stood out as a vibrant and dynamic leader who effectively communicated among the many divisions and locations of the organization to proficiently execute projects and affect change. Her reliability and diligence have earned her well-deserved recognition as a valued and respected executive among the company as well as the leaders and communities with which she interacts."



"I have known and worked with Ms. Guernaccini for over six years (since 2012) in her capacity as Director of Legal Affairs for Halcyon Horizons and Legal Affairs Supervisor for Elevate Addiction Services, as my law firm has provided legal services to Halcyon and Elevate on a variety of legal issues. These Issues were identified by and directed to our firm by Ms. Guernaccini. These issues include, but are no means limited to, corporate organizational and operational issues, HR issues, client matters, and third party liability issues.

Her skill set aside, I have found her to be painstakingly ethical, personally accountable and of high moral character. Upon a recent visit to one of the Elevate campuses, I was taken by the level of respect and appreciation afforded to her by clients, peers and supervisors alike."